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Beware of Phishing Scams

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a technique in which users are directed by an official-looking email to provide personal information under false pretenses. The message may appear to come from a bank, police agency, or other legitimate entity. The information requested may be a credit card number, social security number, ATM PIN number, password or other personal information. The recipient is asked to provide this information via email or by visiting an official-looking web site, and warned that failure to do so may result in a discontinuation of service. Legitimate businesses and government entities are aware of phishing scams and would not ask you to send sensitive information in response to unsolicited email. You should treat these messages like spam and never reply to them. Information Technology Services advises people to never send any passwords via an e-mail message for any reason.

Gone Phishing

Compromised Computer Accounts

There have been several e-mail phishing scams from accounts claiming to be Binghamton University e-mail addresses and asking recipients to send their passwords via a reply e-mail. Some in our campus community have taken the bait and provided sensitive, personal material to unknown parties. Identity theft is a growing national issue. Phishing is one method for unscrupulous persons to gain access to personal or computer account information and launch either spam attacks or hacking attacks on others in the internet community. The account owner is usually not aware of this improper use.

See examples of phishing scams which target Binghamton University accounts.

Green Computing


It is the goal of Information Technology Services to join other energy saving projects at Binghamton University to save money and protect the environment.

We will provide information to the campus about reducing power consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy efficiencient products, and provide recommendations for PC settings.

Additionally, the ITS Department will embark on its own "Green IT" initiatives to meet those goals.

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