Google Apps FAQ

General Information about Google Apps Education Edition

right arrow right arrow Why are we using Google-powered services?

  • More storage – BMail powered by Google offers 30GB of free storage
  • Larger attachments – send and receive 25mb attachments
  • Spam and virus protection – less spam and viruses in your inbox
  • No ads – all current faculty, staff and student accounts are ad-free
  • You can keep your e-mail address for life as long as you graduate from Binghamton University
  • Google can offer, free of charge to Binghamton University users, a host of applications to users that the University does not currently offer.

right arrow right arrowWho is eligible to participate in the Binghamton University e-mail service?

  • Anyone who currently has an e-mail account on the Mirapoint server will be eligible to use Google Apps for Education Edition. This includes all faculty, staff, students and guest accounts. 
  • After the conversion date, all new members to the University community will have a BMail account hosted by Google.

right arrow right arrowWhat services are included with my Binghamton University e-mail account?

Currently, Google Apps Education Edition includes the following applications:
  • Communication Tools:
    • Gmail – 30GB of storage, built-in IM, voice and video chat, mobile access, spam and virus protection, IMAP, POP and Google-powered e-mail search
    • Google Calendar – share calendars with anyone on campus -  class or exam schedules, group meetings or events
    • Google Talk – Instant messaging, free calling (VOIP)/voice-mail box, file transfer, group chat
  • Collaboration Tools:
    • Google Drive – create, share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations from anywhere
    • Google Sites – team website creation with videos, images, gadgets and documents integration
    • Google Video – securely share videos with your school

right arrow right arrowWhen will Google Apps for Education be available?

  • We expect to implement Google Apps for Education Edition during the fall 2009 semester, to allow time for ITS to educate the campus about the enhanced features that will be available under this suite of applications.
  • ITS and Communications and Marketing will provide information and implementation updates through online resources, marketing materials, rss feeds, Dateline, B-Line and Inside BU
  • Updates will begin appearing on the in the near future.

right arrow right arrowWhy do we call the service BMail?

  • Using the term BMail will allow users to distinguish their Binghamton University Google e-mail account from any personal Gmail account they may have.

right arrow right arrowHow do I create my BMail account?

  • The BMail account will be created for you by the ITS department. The transition from your former account to the new one will be seamless.

right arrow right arrowI already have a Gmail account. Does it matter?

  • Your personal Gmail account is NOT your official Binghamton University e-mail account. Your e-mail address will be
  • Your current Binghamton University e-mail address will be transferred to Google by ITS.

right arrow right arrowWhat is the difference between my BMail account and my personal Gmail account?

  • Your BMail account is your official Binghamton University userid that was assigned to you at the time you became a student or an employee. Google is now hosting and providing our e-mail service.
  • Your BMail account will be ad-free as long as you are a current student or faculty or staff member.
  • All official e-mail correspondence from Binghamton University will be sent to your BMail account. If you chose to forward your Binghamton University e-mail to another e-mail account, you are responsible for keeping the forwarding address current.
  • Your Gmail account is your own personal account. You may forward your personal e-mail to your BMail account if you wish.

right arrow right arrowI’m currently forwarding my e-mail to another e-mail address. Will this continue after the conversion?

  • Yes. All forwarding addresses will be transferred to Google during the conversion.

right arrow right arrowI have an e-mail alias defined. Will my alias be transferred to Google?

  • Yes. Your alias will be transferred.

right arrow right arrowHow long will I keep my BMail account?

  • As long as you are currently enrolled or employed at Binghamton University, your account will remain active. Once you graduate, you may keep your e-mail account for life. However, once you have graduated, the University is obligated to enable advertisements, as for any personal Gmail account you may already have.

right arrow right arrowCan I read my mail on my mobile device?

  • You can read your BMail on your mobile device by pointing your phone’s web browser to
  • If you use an iPhone or iPod Touch, there is a Google App available for free download at the iTunes store.

right arrow right arrowHow do I configure my mobile phone to integrate with Google Apps?

right arrow right arrowI graduated from Binghamton University in May 2009. What will happen with my Binghamton University e-mail address?

  • Your Binghamton University e-mail address will be migrated over to BMail with all the other users. Your status will change from student to alumnus/a and your account will be enabled to receive advertisements. This is a contractual obligation.
  • You may submit a request to to delete your e-mail address if you choose.

right arrow right arrowI graduated from Binghamton University before May 2009. Will my e-mail address be migrated to BMail?

  • No. E-mail accounts for students who graduated prior to May 2009 will not be migrated to BMail.

Getting Started with BMail

right arrow right arrowHow do I change my BMail password?

  • If you access your BMail via a web browser, use the PODS password reset tool by navigating to and clicking on the “BMail and Google Apps for Education Password Reset” link.

right arrow right arrowHow will I transfer my e-mail from the current provider, Mirapoint, to BMail?

right arrow right arrowI use an e-mail client on my PC. How can I upload my mail from my client to my BMail account?

  • Google provides a tool called “E-mail Uploader” to assist in that process.  You must download the tool to your PC. For more information on the E-mail Uploader Tool click here.

BMail Information

right arrow right arrowHow do I log in to my BMail account?

  • To login into BMail using your web browser, use:
  • On the log in form, enter the username portion of your e-mail address and enter your BMail password.

right arrow right arrowHow do I log in to the other Google Apps modules?

  • To login into Google Drive using your web browser, use:
  • To login into Google Sites using your web browser, use:
  • To login into Google Calendar using your web browser, use:
  • Once you are logged into any of the Google Apps modules, you can connect from that module to any of the others by clicking on the link for the module in the upper right section of the window under the toolbar.

right arrow right arrowHow do I export my contacts and import them into my BMail account?

right arrow right arrowHow large is my mailbox?

right arrow right arrowGoogle uses labels instead of folders, what it the difference?

  • Google uses labels to help organize your mail more effectively.  You can put a message in only one folder, but by labeling a conversation you can store it in more than one location.  For more information on labels and filters click here

right arrow right arrowWhat is the size limit on the message I can send?

  • With BMail, you can send and receive messages up to 25 MB in size, which includes the message and any attachments.

right arrow right arrowHow do I access the services that are available through Google Apps Education Edition?

  • Log into your BMail account using web mail. In the upper right corner of the page you will see the Apps icon. Just click on the app you want to access. Google will pass your logon credentials to that app.

right arrow right arrowCan I log onto other Google-sponsored services with my BMail username and password?

  • Yes. You simply use your BMail username and password to access other services offered by Google Apps Education Edition.

right arrow right arrowWhat happens when I delete messages from Sent Mail?

  • When you delete messages from your Sent Mail view, Google removes the conversation from every view (Inbox, All Mail, etc.). The entire conversation is moved to Trash.

right arrow right arrowHow long are messages kept in “trash” once I delete them?

  • Google will automatically empty messages in your TRASH after 30 days.  You can permanently delete the message yourself. For more information on deleting messages, click here.

right arrow right arrowCan I recover a message I’ve deleted?

  • You can move your message back to its original location from Trash as long as you do it within 30 days of deleting the message.

right arrow right arrowI seem to be having a problem with Google Apps. How can I found out the status of Google Apps?

  • Google provides an Apps Status Dashboard which offers performance information for the services for which we are subscribed.
  • If you cannot find the information you need on the Google web site and need additional help, contact the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 or send an e-mail to

Microsoft Exchange Users

right arrow right arrowCan I still use Microsoft Outlook when I switch to BMail?

  • Yes, you can now run Microsoft Outlook with Google Apps and BMail. Microsoft Outook will provide former Exchange users with a familiar interface for e-mail, contacts, and calendars. The data is automatically synced between Outlook and Google Apps. You may also use the web interface to BMail ( and all you e-mail, contacts, and calendars will automatically sync with your Outlook client for anything you do while using the web interface.

right arrow right arrowHow do I migrate to Google Apps and BMail?

  • Contact the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 and request to schedule the migration from Exchance to BMail. Someone from the ITS technical team will be assigned to do the migration. If your department has several Exchange users, we recommend that all users in the department be migrated at the same time.

E-mail Clients

right arrow right arrowCan I still use my e-mail client with BMail?

  • Yes. For POP and IMAP clients, you can still use MS Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile to name a few.
  • Although Google does not support Eudora, it does provide instructions for setting up your Eudora e-mail client.
  • For more information on other ways to access your BMail, navigate to:

right arrow right arrowHow do I configure my POP or IMAP client to access BMail?

  • If you plan to use a client, Google recommends using IMAP to access your mail. IMAP configuration instructions can be found here.

    Why IMAP?

  • If you still want to use POP, despite Binghamton and Google's recommendations, POP server settings can be found here.

right arrow right arrowHow do I configure my Apple Mail client to access BMail?

  • If you want to use Apple Mail 3.0 to access your BMail using IMAP click here.
  • If you want to use Apple Mail 2.0 to access your BMail using IMAP click here.