Try bingview - Binghamton’s Virtual Desktop Environment

You can use your …

  • Windows, Mac or Linux computer (Mac and Linux must install Microsoft’s Remote Desktop client)
  • From residence hall room, home or on the road (if you’re connected to the internet)
  • To run specialized applications as if they were installed on your computer

The following software is available:

  • General software (up to 35 virtual machines)
    • Microsoft Office 2007 suite
    • Matlab R2009a o SAS 9.1.3
    • PASW Statistics 17 (AKA SPSS)
    • ANSYS 11.0
    • ExpertFit o Jack 6.0.2
    • Arena 12
  • Stata 11 (up to 25 virtual machines)
  • Atlas.ti (up to 4 virtual machines)
  • nVivo (up to 4 virtual machines)

To connect on campus, use a browser (Windows users must use IE, Mac users must use Safari) to connect to You need to authenticate with your Pods ID and password.
From off campus you must use ssl_vpn ( to connect to the Binghamton domain and then select Net Connect before connecting to bingview (